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Specialty InsuranceSpecialty insurance is designed to provide coverage for the extra things or events that are unique to your life. Some specialty insurance products also provide additional liability protection for those assets which you’ve worked hard to acquire.

Umbrella Insurance
A personal umbrella insurance policy picks up where your primary insurance stops, providing extra liability insurance for claims over and above what is included in your auto and home policies. For a very affordable premium, you can have the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a higher limit of coverage to protect the assets you've worked hard to acquire. 
Personal Articles Insurance
Your possessions are worth a lot to you, especially the most valuable ones that reflect your personal interests and taste. A personal articles floater policy provides a broader level of protection for items such as jewelry, silverware, fine arts, antiques, guns and other types of collections. 
Recreational Vehicle Insurance
Whether your passion is a classic car or a boat, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or travel trailer, Kish Insurance can offer you a policy designed with all the coverages you need when you indulge those passions. These policies include the little extras like coverage for spare parts or customized accessories, or water towing, or vacation liability. 
Identity Theft Insurance
What would it cost to repair your good name? Identity theft protection can be added as an endorsement to your homeowner's policy and gives you the resources you need to restore your good name and financial history in the event of identity theft. This coverage typically costs $25 to $30 annually.
Liability Insurance
No matter how careful you or your family members may be, all types of accidents can occur. This type of insurance provides protection for costs which you may be held liable to pay for damages to others as a result of your negligence.
Wedding Insurance
You've always dreamed of the perfect wedding, but no matter how carefully you plan it, there are many things that can go wrong – things that are beyond your control. Wedding insurance helps make things right when something goes wrong. Kish Insurance offers a policy that provides protection for those unforeseen situations such as when the bridal shop closes, keeping your deposit and leaving you without a gown, or when a hurricane forces you to postpone your special day. 
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